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Simple Translation

Simple translation is performed by translators specialized on the theme to be translated. The delivery of the request is online. Global Translation performs translations on general and highly specialized topics as well, such as:

- Information technology (IT)
- Telecommunications
- Medicine and Pharmacology
- Mining
- Investment projects and tenders
- Marketing and sales
- Foreign Trade (Imports and Exports)
- Banking, insurances and finances
- Web Pages

Certified Translation

A certified translation is performed by a translator admitted before The Colegio de Traductores del Perú (CTP), which is responsible for certifying the accuracy of his/her translation as a professional translator. The translation is delivered printed on letterhead, a special cover of the Peruvian Association of Translators is placed, and both the cover and the translation must be signed and sealed by the certified translator.


Simultaneous Interpretation:

The simultaneous interpreting is suitable for meetings, conferences or seminars with several languages where a fluent and prompt communication is required, because interpretation instantly reaches the participant. It is performed from a booth, with wireless equipment that allows the participant to hear the event in his/her own language.

Consecutive Interpretation:

In this case, the speaker takes brief pauses during his conversation, allowing the interpreter to translate bit by bit. It is needed in situations where there is no audio equipment available

Interpretation by whispering:

It is similar to the simultaneous interpretation, in which the interpreter sits down next to the interlocutor and whispers the translation without any technical equipment.

Liaison Interpretation:

It is the companion interpreting for business. An interpreter experienced on the terminology of his industry will be provided. The interpreter can translate phone conversations (or via Skype) or conversations between you and your foreign client in small business meetings, brainstorm meetings or special events.

Language Education

Spanish lessons for foreigners:

Global Translation offers a personalized service at home or from the business facilities teaching Spanish for foreigners so that they can be fluent in this language and perform competitively in their work duties. The lessons are given by highly qualified teachers. The student schedules his lessons depending on the time, frequency and intensity of his/her choice. The student will take a proficiency test.

Specialized English lessons:

Global Translation offers a private English lessons at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for managers looking to combine general English practice with training on communication specific for their work. The student will take a proficiency test.

Dubbing, Subtitling and Transcription


It is the process of recording voices that do not belong to the original actors and speak in a different language. Global Translation translates the original spoken text and records it in a professional sound studio by professional actors and specialists in the area, ensuring a high quality recording. After the text recording, the file editing is done and then is delivered to the client in the set format and time.


Global Translation makes subtitles edits of any audiovisual document. Subtitles can be the translation of the narration, dialogs or transcription contained in the document into another language. We work using specific programs to add and synchronize subtitles in any format.

Transcribing Audio and Video

Global Translation make audio and video transcriptions for you to have your contents in text and electronic formats (doc. o txt.). There are two types of transcriptions: • Literal Transcription. It is an accurate transcription of the speech that includes incomplete words, mispronunciations, sounds, etc. Here the accuracy of the speech is prioritized rather than text quality. • Natural transcription. It is an edited transcription where the errors, irrelevant sounds have been removed and a style review is performed without any information loss or changes in the meaning of the phrases.

Getting immigration license and visas

We have a specialized staff that provides management and processing services before the Directorate General of Migration and other institutions to get the Immigration License, Residence extensions, Residence cancellation, visa procedures, and others.

Global Translation also offers packages according to the needs of each client and can take care of all concerning your arrival in Peru depending on the package you choose, such as picking you up at the airport, your initial lodging, your search for an apartment or housing, bank advice, specialized Spanish lessons, so that you can get on competitively in your profession, the purchase of real property such as vehicles, houses, apartments, etc. If you plan to reside in Peru, feel free to contact us. We will be your best partner.

Rental of Audiovisual Equipment

Simultaneous interpretation equipment.
We have booths for interpreters, audio consoles, microphones, headphones and receivers, etc.